Hydroflux Supports Women in Tunnelling

May 10, 2021

Hydroflux are proudly supporting Women in Tunnelling at the Australasian Tunnelling Conference (ATS2020+1) held in Melbourne on the 10th to 13th May 2021 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Women in Tunnelling AST2020

The currently unprecedented high level of tunnelling activities within Australasia, as well as the strong pipeline of future projects creates significant challenges around workforce resourcing, training, and the development core competencies within the workforce.

Women, who remain one of the largest under-represented talent pools in tunnelling often due to employment practices, offer part of the solution. Tunnelling organisations need to address work and employment practices if they wish to attract and retain highly-skilled women in the engineering and tunnelling professions.

Women’s participation in tunnelling is gradually increasing; however, the tunnelling industry is still considered a male dominated environment. Hydroflux is committed to diversity, inclusion and to increasing female participation in all forms of engineering. There are many recognised challenges to working in tunnelling for women however, female engineers report the following is helpful:

  • working in a company with a strong equality culture
  • companies who showcase good company role models
  • good peer support systems
  • mentors who are both male and female
  • the normalising of all diversity
  • the support of career pathways

Like industries the world over, we need to consider the numerous challenges we all face including sustainable development, climate change, diversity and inclusivity and the integration of modern technology into our work practices.

Hydroflux design and install water and wastewater treatment systems and have provided systems to many current and prior tunnelling infrastructure projects in Australasia.

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