Protecting Goulburn’s new reuse facility with HUBER Screens

November 6, 2018

The city of Goulburn in NSW recently opened its new $32 Million state of the art wastewater treatment and reuse facility.

As part of the upgrade, Hydroflux Epco Pty Ltd supplied three HUBER Inclined Rotary Screens to screen the sewage through 2mm perforations in order to provide protection to the downstream membranes from solids and rag accumulation. Each screen can process 162 L/s of sewage that has undergone primary screening and grit removal.

HUBER’s RPPS inclined drum screen technology was selected due to its proven track record in Australian installations. The screens are fully fabricated in 316SS and the drum is provided with 2mm perforations to remove very fine material, fibre, plastics and cotton bud sticks.

Fine Screening in MBR systems is critical to long term operation and the selection of appropriate screen technology is required. HUBER have installed hundreds of RPPS Inclined Drum Screens in MBR plants around the world, for both flat sheet and hollow fibre membrane systems.

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