Protecting Advanced Biosolids Treatment Facilities with Strainpress®

April 2, 2024

As biosolids facilities within a sewage treatment plant reach capacity, several options can be considered when determining ways to increase processing capacity.

Thermal hydrolysis is leading the way in terms of exploiting potential from existing anaerobic digesters. A string of projects across Australia and New Zealand have recently selected this technology. Strainpress® can protect any form of advanced biosolids treatment, from Thermal Hydrolysis, to Drying and Gasification, in addition to Anaerobic Digestion.

Technology Highlights

  • Designed specifically to remove fibre, plastics and fine screenings from sludge streams prior to digestion
  • Applicable for primary and secondary sludge
  • Removes approx. 1 -3L of screenings per 1000L of sludge
  • Operates as a pressurised screen
  • Integrated screenings compaction
  • Proven in numerous installations across Australia and New Zealand

Sizing Details

  • Two sizes are available
  • Nominal capacities of either 60 or 120 kL/h of sludge at 4%DS feed
  • Feed solids capability: 0.3 to 6%DS

HUBER Strainpress® is a pressurised inline screen that has been specifically designed to remove fine screenings, plastics and cotton bud sticks from primary and secondary sludge streams. It is typically installed upstream of the anaerobic digesters, resulting in the removal of unwanted debris from the digester.

For further information on Strainpress® please CLICK HERE or contact Hydroflux Epco on 09 352 2052 or [email protected]

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