Hydroflux Industrial Complete Another HyDAF Trade Wastewater Treatment Plant for Pactum Australia.

June 12, 2017

Hydroflux Industrial has commissioned a new HyDAF HD75 Dissolved Air Flotation based Trade Wastewater Treatment plant for Pactum Australia.

dissolved air flotation

This is the second HyDAF installation completed for Pactum Australia, a business unit of the Freedom Foods Group that specialises in the production and innovative contract solutions of premium Long-Life Dairy and Food and Beverage products.

After reviewing options for primary and secondary treatment with Pactum, Hydroflux have installed a robust treatment process that includes a HUBER ROTAMAT® RoK 4 Pumping Station Screen, a 500kL St St Balance Tank with full surface area air scouring and mixing, and a chemically enhanced HyDAF HD Dissolved Air Flotation system. An area has been set aside for future inclusion of secondary biological treatment, and sludge management.

Hydroflux have once again taken advantage of our exclusive access to world class HUBER Technology equipment to innovate a cost-effective solution to an otherwise costly problem. Due to the distance from the factory to the wastewater pit, wastewater pipework enters the pit 2m below ground level. In this situation, it is usually necessary to pump to an above ground rotary screen that gravity flows to the Balance Tank – meaning the pit and sump pumps are unprotected from large solids, and that an expensive platform is required to support the screen at a height above the Balance Tank.

By utilising the HUBER RoK4 Pump Station Screen Hydroflux provided significant cost savings, as this screen is installed within the wastewater sump and conveys the screenings to ground level for collection in a small bin. There is a significant cost savings without the large platform, and the pit and sump pumps are protected from large solids reducing the frequency of cleaning the pit and ongoing maintenance on the sump pumps. As an additional benefit, because the screenings are elevated by the auger, they are dewatered up to 40%.

Pactum are also benefiting from the low energy footprint and high efficiency treatment of the HyDAF HD Dissolved Air Flotation systems. “I am pleased that Hydroflux has been able to support Pactum again with their wastewater treatment needs” said Mathew Pugh, Director of Hydroflux Industrial. “I am extremely happy with this latest installation and I look forward to Hydroflux working with Pactum as their new facility is bought up to full production”.

For additional information on the HUBER RoK4 Pump Station Screen please click here.

For additional information on the Hydroflux HyDAF HD industrial DAF systems please click here.

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