Hydroflux Epco Install VeeMax® Clarifier For Potable Water Treatment

March 15, 2018

Hydroflux Epco were awarded the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a 22 metre VeeMax® Solids Contact Clarifier for Warwick WTP by Alder Constructions.


The VeeMax® Solids Contact Clarifier will be processing water from the Connolly and Leslie Dams as the first line of treatment for the Warwick Water Treatment Plant. The Warwick WTP provides potable water to 14,000 residents. “Raw water clarification is a crucial step in the water treatment process as it provides the first line of defense against seasonal turbidity spikes than can be encountered.

Our clarifiers are designed and fabricated in Australia and with over 350 installations our sludge scraper and bridge mechanisms are well proven in terms of robustness, reliability and performance.

We have numerous clarifier installations dating back to the early 1980’s that are in operation in both municipal and industrial applications” says Paul Cobbin, of Hydroflux Epco Pty Ltd.

Hydroflux Epco provide a wide range of clarifier types with diameters ranging from 2 through to 50 meters. The technology is used in municipal, industrial and mining applications for the sedimentation/clarification of raw water, biomass and process water. For further information on Hydroflux Epco’s VeeMax® Solids Contact Clarifiers Click here.

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