Cleaning of Polymer Spills Has Never Been Easier

March 29, 2021

Oil based emulsion polymers are typically used in water and wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering.

Cleaning up after an oil-based emulsion polymer spill is notoriously difficult, time consuming, potentially hazardous and requires an enormous amount of water.

Hydroflux Utilities has developed a specialised, fast-acting, water-based cleaner which not only reduces time and effort to deal with a polymer spill, it also reduces significantly the amount of water required for clean-up, and thus enables the spill to be easily contained to the local area.

HydraClean™ HC-3100 is safe to use on most floor and workplace surfaces including concrete, plastic, Perspex, rubber, glass and metal. This non-hazardous formula is effective against all oil-based emulsion polymers, regardless of molecular weight or charge.

HydraClean™ HC-3100 is ready to use straight from the container and can be applied using a garden-type trigger handle sprayer or similar device. When sprayed liberally over the entire spill area and allowed to stand for 3-4 minutes, HydraClean™ HC-3100 will create a mixture that can be simply wiped down with paper towelling.

To learn more about HydraClean™ HC-3100 or any other speciality products, contact Hydroflux Utilities today.

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