Hydroflux Utilities has extensive experience in helping the construction industry manage and treat stormwater and stormwater events. 

Stormwater management and treatment requires a different approach to that of ground water and surface water treatment. Stormwater events are often sporadic in occurrence and large in volume, and the water can carry large amounts of silt and dirt as well as particles sized from leaves and sticks, shoes and plastic bags, down to cigarette butts and broken up pieces of rubbish discarded to the environment. 

If you are collecting your stormwater for reuse then some sort or pretreatment is recommended, especially if you are passing the water through UF or RO membranes as a final polish. If, instead you are passing your water through a first flush system, then your first flush collected water will probably require treatment before discharge.

From the supply of chemistry, consumables and spare parts, to routine service, plant operation and operator training, no issue or requirement is beyond our abilities. We can also provide simple plant, pH correction, solids removal, and sludge dewatering systems for both short and long term operations, as well as advanced systems for long-term 24/7 unmanned continuous operations where the water is reused on-site.

Find below a list of our most commonly used chemical products as well as links to our whole chemical product range.