Ground Water

Hydroflux Utilities has extensive experience in ground water treatment for the construction industry having helped countless construction and major infrastructure sites in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane manage and solve ground water treatment issues. 

Whether it be a slow leak into a construction site, a puddle or sump that needs treating, or continuous large scale ingress we can help. We have helped sites experiencing up to 50 litres/second ingress and sites experiencing short-term surges related to wet weather. Whether the ground water has passed through old rubbish dumps and picked up dissolved organics, or just picked up minerals such as iron or manganese that precipitate out on contact with the air, Hydroflux Utilities can help you solve the issues. 

From the supply of chemistry, consumables and spare parts, to routine service, plant operation and operator training, no issue or requirement is beyond our abilities. We can help you navigate some of the more tricky situations placed on Construction sites by government and local authorities. 

We can also provide simple plant, pH correction, solids removal, and sludge dewatering systems for both short and long term operations, as well as advanced systems for long-term 24/7 unmanned continuous operations. Our people have supplied, serviced and operated a majority of the construction based ground water treatment plants (short and long term) found in Eastern seaboard capital cities.

Find below a list of our most commonly used chemical products as well as links to our whole chemical product range.