Improving Water Stewardship Through Corporate Governance

August 25, 2023

Water is an indispensable resource for various industries, but its scarcity and the urgent need for sustainable practices have triggered a worldwide movement towards enhanced water stewardship. In sectors such as construction, manufacturing, and cement production, the importance of water recycling and reuse has gained significant prominence.

Hydroflux, as a carbon-neutral certified organisation, is ideally positioned to support businesses in their pursuit of improved water stewardship through corporate governance. Our focus extends beyond perceiving water merely as a cost, as we strive to maximise its potential for reuse and recycling through low-energy, site-specific solutions. With our expertise and commitment to sustainable practices, we can assist companies in implementing robust water management systems that align with their environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.

Corporate Governance and Water Stewardship

Forward-thinking companies now recognise water stewardship as a fundamental element of their ESG strategy. Given the global emphasis on sustainability, corporate governance increasingly emphasises responsible water resource management. Companies are expected to develop strategies that minimise water consumption, maximise reuse, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. By implementing effective water management systems, businesses can reduce their environmental impact while demonstrating their dedication to sustainable practices. Cress Consulting, a Hydroflux business, offers specialised services for water stewardship to facilitate this transition.

Shifting Perspectives: From Cost to Opportunity

The scarcity of water resources and rising costs have compelled industries to shift their perspective, recognising water as more than just a financial burden. Instead, water is seen as an opportunity for innovation and resource optimisation. In response, industries are investing in water recycling technologies to maximise the potential for reuse and recycling. By adopting low-energy, site-specific solutions such as advanced filtration systems and water treatment technologies, companies can significantly reduce their reliance on freshwater sources.

Hydroflux’s Solutions for Specific Challenges

Water recycling in the industrial sector entails addressing specific challenges, including heavy metal contamination, chemical oxygen demand (COD) reduction, raw material recovery, and overall water cycle management. Hydroflux has a proven track record in designing and constructing advanced treatment processes and technologies that efficiently reduce pollution levels in industrial wastewater, enabling the implementation of comprehensive water cycle management strategies. Our low-energy solutions, such as the innovative NX system, facilitate efficient COD reduction and can be combined with other proven processes like activated carbon filtration and Ion Exchange.

HyPURE® NX modules

The global movement towards improved water stewardship in the industrial sector has prompted companies to adopt sustainable practices and recognise water recycling as a vital component of their operations. Hydroflux, with its expertise and track record, is well-equipped to partner with companies from concept to implementation, providing comprehensive solutions. By shifting away from viewing water as a mere cost and instead maximising its reuse and recovering raw materials through low-energy, site-specific solutions, both environmental and economic benefits can be realised, contributing to a more sustainable future. By embracing these practices, the industrial sector can play a pivotal role in conserving water resources and addressing the global water crisis.

About the Hydroflux Group

The Hydroflux Group aims to deliver the highest level of engineering and scientific know-how to the emerging issues of sustainability, climate adaptation and environmental protection with a specific focus on water and wastewater.

As part of its vision and mission, Hydroflux has always taken its climate responsibility seriously. In 2022, Hydroflux became Australia’s first water treatment and technology company to achieve Climate Active carbon neutral certification for its organisation and products. It knows that partnering with customers and clients is the most significant impact it can have in its journey. The Group employs over 100 staff and operates throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, with office locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland, Suva and Portsmouth.

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