Dewatering Sludge

The HUBER Q-PRESS® is a proven dewatering system that being used for dewatering primary or biological sludge in many of Australia’s meat and poultry processing facilities.

The screw press provides a simple, high performance system that offers an attractive life cycle value compared to centrifuges or belt presses. All machines are fully enclosed and manufactured in stainless steel.

One of the key features of the screw press is its slow operational speed. The basket and screw rotates at <1.5rpm thus minimising wear and prolonging life and service intervals.

Several RoS3Q models are available with capacities ranging from 20 to 540Kg DS per hour which is adequate for most meat and poultry processing plants. The HUBER screw press can be used to dewater primary DAF sludge, secondary biological sludge or a mixture of the two.

There are many ways of configuring the screw press installation. It can be installed at ground level or on elevated platforms shown above to enable the dewatered cake to be distributed evenly across receival bins.

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