Building Site Water

Hydroflux Utilities has extensive experience helping building sites manage and treat water ingress due to rain events and seepage. 

Nothing is worse than having a rain or storm event fill your site with water. Puddles and low lying areas start to fill with water and this can make the site unworkable. Most sites want to discharge this water off-site to the stormwater system which in turn sends the water to an EPA controlled waterway (river or ocean). The water usually picks up clay/dirt and rock fines and appears cloudy and this will make it unsuitable for immediate discharge. Discharging cloudy water to street gutters (and then to the stormwater system) usually leaves a brown stain in the gutter and so the source of discharge is easy to find. Being a building site, especially with recently poured concrete, the water can also pick up concrete fines and lime and this raises the pH to outside EPA set limits for stormwater discharge. 

Thus the water needs treating before discharge. The pH needs to be neutral (or slightly alkaline) and the cloudiness reduced or removed. For building sites this usually means adjusting the pH and adding small quantities of a coagulant (like our HP-1420). For less stringent discharge requirements the use of one of our polymer blocks (HB-4118) may suffice. 

From the supply of chemistry, consumables and spare parts, to routine service, plant operation and operator training, or even simple on-site consulting, no issue or requirement is beyond our abilities. We can help you navigate some of the more tricky situations placed on building sites by government and local authorities. Just give us a call and see if we can help. 

We can also provide simple plant, pH correction, solids removal, and sludge dewatering systems for both short and long term operations, as well as advanced systems for long-term 24/7 unmanned continuous operations.

Find below a list of our most commonly used chemical products as well as links to our whole chemical product range.