HydraPrime 1000 Series

Our HYDRAPRIME 1000 series of coagulants are aluminium based formulations suitable for both potable and wastewater applications. We stock liquid and powder forms of the most commonly used aluminium based coagulants, and no job is too small or large for us to help with. Give us a call today on 1300 417 697 and let us help you choose the best product for your requirements. 

Find below a list of our most commonly used products as well as links to our whole chemical product range.

Some interesting information about aluminium based coagulants, their strength and basicity

In water treatment there are a number of different types of aluminium based coagulants including aluminium sulfate, aluminium chloride, and polyaluminium chloride (PAC). The strength of each type of product, or in other words the amount of aluminium in each product is often given in terms of the aluminium oxide content, sometimes referred to as Al2O3, even though the product does not actually contain any Al2O3.

Hydroflux Utilities carries all the above products, and our strengths range from an Al2O3 content between 7 to 23%.

For polyaluminium chloride (PAC) products there is an extra parameter often mentioned and this is the basicity. PAC is a molecule containing aluminium (Al3+), hydroxide (OH), and chloride (Cl) ions, and it has the general formula Al2(OH)n.Cl(6-n). In simple terms basicity refers to the ratio of the number of hydroxide ions in the PAC formula to the sum of the number of hydroxide and chloride ions in the formula. Basicity can range from around 16% up to about 83%. The higher the basicity the more hydroxide ions and the less chloride ions. This means that for a given dose rate, high basicity PAC products consume less alkalinity (that is, the pH will not drop as much) when compared to low basicity PAC products.

So for PAC, while the Al2O3 of two products may be similar, the basicity might be quite different. Hydroflux Utilities carries all the various PAC strengths (in terms of Al2O3), as well as all the different basicities ranging from 16 to 83%.

Each type of aluminium product with its varying strength and its varying basicity behaves differently dependent on the application. Each product type has its place in the water treatment industry, and dependent on the application, one of these products will be the most suitable. Our people have decades of experience in the correct choice of aluminium product across every industry and across almost every application imaginable.

So give us a call today on 1300 417 697 and let us help you decide which product best suits your needs. 

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